"This page is dedicated to 'The Radio' missions on City of Villains. They were too well-written to be allowed to remain solely in text, and have been recorded solely for the listening 'pleasure' of Villains the world over! Each was recorded using a home studio, Cool Edit Pro, and public-domain music available from http://music.download.com/.

Links to information about the music contained in each episode is available at the end of the document. The text of the recordings was written for City of Villains by Cryptic Studios, while the performance is my own, as is the interpretation of the written word. Enjoy!
" -Mindscythe
Mission 1
Mission 1 Introduction 1
Mission 1 Acceptance 1
Mission 1 Completion 2 3
Mission 2
Mission 2 Introduction 4
Mission 2 Acceptance 4
Mission 2 Completion 5
Mission 3
Mission 3 Introduction 6
Mission 3 Acceptance 6
Mission 3 Completion 7
Mission 4
Mission 4 Introduction
Mission 4 Acceptance 8
Mission 4 Completion 9
Mission 5
Mission 5 Introduction 10
Mission 5 Acceptance 10
Mission 5 Completion 11
Mission 6
Mission 6 Introduction 12
Mission 6 Acceptance 12
Mission 6 Completion 13
Mission 7
Mission 7 Introduction 14
Mission 7 Acceptance 14
Mission 7 Completion 15
#ArtistAlbum NameSong Title
1AntimateriaThe Real OneBaby Baby
2AntimateriaThe Real OneDeep Zone
3The Secret MethodBlack River HouseFresh Paint
4Koichi HayakawaN/ASpeed
5Michael JamesChildren Of The RiskAlice In The 5th Dimension
6RaiN/ADate In December
7AntiMateriaThe Real OneParadise
8ZactlyTaint ProjectRock Dog
9The Secret MethodBlack River HouseThe Thoughts of Yesterday
10Michael JamesChildren Of The RiskU Woke The Beast
11WryN/AIn The Hell Of My Head (Demo)
12RaiN/ADate In December
13Michael JamesChildren of the RiskHey Hey Hey
14AntimateriaThe Real OneMission Control
15The Secret MethodBlack River HouseThoughts of Yesteryear